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What Conditions and Illnesses Do Naturopathic Doctors Commonly Treat?
People experiencing chronic or acute conditions can benefit from naturopathic treatment. Through assessing general health status and after diagnosing specific conditions, the naturopathic doctor will recommend a specific treatment regime.

Chronic Illnesses

- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

- Allergies & Environmental Illnesses

- Arthritis

- Hypertension, Atherosclerosis, Heart Problems

- Digestion, Constipation, IBS

- Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne

- Cystitis, Prostatitis

Acute Conditions

- Colds and Flu

- Ear and Throat Infections      

- Headaches                         

- Intestinal Upsets

Women’s Conditions

- Menopausal Problems

- PMS, Menstrual Disorders

- Fibrocystic Breast Disease

- Enhancing Health in Pregnancy

- Infertility

- Endometrioses, Uterine Fibroids


- Mental or Emotional Stress

- Anxiety, Depression

- Insomnia

- Attention Deficit Disorder

- Hyperactivity